Repairing the Chimney Crowns and Falling Bricks

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Do you have a broken chimney crown or falling chimney bricks? You need chimney crown repair, without any second thought. It is essential and more importantly, it requires your quick attention. Before moving ahead, it is significant to point here that chimney crown is one of the most ignorant parts that ever have faintest of the sights of a home owner drawn towards it. Most of the times, chimney crown is left unprotected.

The worst fact to note here is that homeowners are not at all concerned on the deteriorating condition of their chimney. It is very rare sight, where the homeowner climbs on the roof and notices the condition. The crown on the chimney has functional as well as practical implications. It is also one of the sensitive elements of the chimney, and can develop cracks or severe crevices due to environmental weathering.

Prominent Damage to the Chimney Crown

One of the most severe damage caused to crown of your chimney is Freeze-Thaw damage. This type of damage has wide occurrence in high snowfall area. The moment you ignite fire in the fireplace area or lit a wood stove, there is a sudden increase and drop down in the temperature. In case the environmental temperature is below the freezing point, water from rain slowly and gradually begins to get absorbed in chimney crown and a thaw is built up.

Repairing the Chimney Crown

As soon as you come across any crevice or crack developing in the chimney crown, you need to become active. You should start the repair works. The first step is to clean the surface with wire brush. The next step will be to apply duct tape and apply all around the flue tile, precisely at one inch height of the crown and then apply another duct tape on the base of the crown. Apply the exterior silicone or acrylic caulk to fill big cracks and crevices.

Important Points for Repairing the Chimney Bricks

Chimney brick repair becomes one of the prominent considerations when you find that the bricks of your chimney are falling off the sequence. There are two ways in which you can go with the repair works. One is obviously DIY. Another one is to hire a a professional repair contractor who is apt for this job. You should go with either of the ways that suits your preference and means. While erosion, or falling plaster or loose bricks are a common occurrence sight on the chimney, repairing them properly will increase the longevity of your chimney.

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