Some budget improvement ideas for your house

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So, are you a budget buyer who wants to revamp his house again? Indeed, you would think of getting a home remodeling addition or perhaps just a small improvement. However, remodeling additions can be quite costly.

Though, experts say that it depends on the type of remodeling addition that you do. Not all home improvements are expensive. So, to help you out in this article, we have put together several easy home improvements that you can do on a budget.

So, you can prepare to give your house a new look for 2020 now. Without any further delay, let us start!

Cheapest home improvements ideas

Not everybody has thousands of dollars in pocket to throw away at the house for house additions. Furthermore, most people do not even have the time to sit at home and supervise the project. Along with that, with bigger additions, there is also the need of temporarily shifting away and that also comes with its costs.

So, just use the following easy and cheap home improvements tricks:

Refresh the paint

You will be surprised what a new paintjob can do to the house. If you want to get a new look without much hassle, just go for a brand-new paint job. Hire a painter and a home improvement expert and take advice about the colors you should go for.

Then, just buy the paints and let the painter do his job. Most paint jobs are paid by the hour. So, make sure that you get estimates from the painter regarding the number of hours that it would take. After that, you may choose the painter of your choice accordingly.

Install stair runners

Stair runners might be very simple additions. All it requires you is to buy a stair runner and to install it using nails. However, if you have slippery stairs, then a stair runner can help you achieve a better grip.

These are particularly popular with wooden stairs, or those with slippery finishing such as marble. You can easily order a good stair runner online or buy from your nearest home improvements store.

All in all, this is another decent method of giving your house a new look without spending thousands of dollars in correcting your existing stairs.

Add interior shutters

Do you feel like your windows are way too open and compromise your privacy? Well, perhaps adding shutters on the window is a good idea. Shutters not only enhance the shade, but also let light in without compromising the privacy.

This way, you will not have to replace the entire window. Everything stays just as it is, with the added benefit of the shutters on the top.

Furthermore, shutters on windows are not even expensive. You can easily buy them from your nearest home remodeling stores and hire someone to install it on-the-go.

Revamp the cabinets

If you do not want to re-touch the kitchen countertop due to the huge expenses, just go ahead and revamp your cabinets. A new paint job on the cabinets or a totally new installation will not cost a lot.

At the same time, it will give your cabinets a very new look. So, why wouldn’t you want to go with this option?


So, this article proves that it is not necessary to spend thousands of dollars to achieve a new house look. Rather, you can achieve that with some basic touches here and there, that will not even cost more than $300 at best.

For more serious additions, always take help from a decent home addition builder DC because it is a one-time investment. And hence, it should be done just right.

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