Types of home additions for greater space

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House additions come in a wide range of different types. This obviously depends on the need of the homeowner, for the living space, style, and costs. House additions range all the way from low-cost additions to do it yourself rooms that can be installed with minimal effort. However, still, there are a wide number of house additions that you can do in your house. In order to find out more about house additions, reach out to building home addition designers and discuss all the options that you have. In this regard, make sure that you voiced out all your concerns just in time.

Different types of house additions for added space

Now, talking about house additions themselves, there are a wide number of options that you have out there. These range from small additions to bigger ones. Moreover, some of them may take more time to install while others can be done without much effort.

The most common types of house additions include the following:

Conventional additions

When we talk about conventional house additions, we refer to multi-room structures that are built to the side of houses. These are open to main part of the house permanently. When this addition is big enough, it blends into the house and becomes a part of the house itself.

There are a number of areas that a house addition can have. For instance, it can be turned into a guest bedroom, master bedroom, bathroom, family room, kitchen, and a lot more.

While they are expensive, they give you a very high return on their cost. Basically, since they expand your house space, you will be able to sell your house for much higher.

Room additions

Room additions involve building single structures to the house’s sides. These are meant to work for single function only. Most of the times, they are used to build bathrooms or bedrooms. At times, they may also expand the room’s size based on the existing house.

Room additions can sometimes be scaled down or scaled up depending on how much space you have. Furthermore, they also included a totally different style of roof such as flat roof or a shed style roof. These type of house additions tend to be far cheaper in comparison to conventional house additions. Still, they must follow the building permits, inspectors, and codes.


Sunrooms is an addition to the side of a house. This is a supplementary area and is not used for the most part of the day. Furthermore, it cannot be used as a bedroom at all, because it is a sunroom after all. In this type of a room, sunlight is let in from the open glass roof. However, they are particularly fun on rainy days.

Furthermore, you can never really install a kitchen or a bathroom in the sunrooms. This is because sunrooms are not designed to be year-round structures. Rather, they are build using oversized glass panels that are see-through. Furthermore, there is no need to install air conditioning or heating inside sunrooms.


The house additions that we have included in this article tend to be the most common ones. Of course, there can be a wide range of other additions too. In order to find out more about them, reach out to your architects builder DC today and learn more about additions. Your architect may also be able to guide you with the type of addition that will provide you the highest return on investment. Furthermore, he/she will also be able to provide you a good quote or estimate of your total cost which you can include in your budget.

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