child custody attorney

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Top Mistakes You Should Not Make In Your Child Custody Case

When you hire an attorney for divorce, you need to make sure he will be able to help you with the divorce proceedings as well as the child custody. Multiple times more than a divorce, child custody cases are traumatic. Hiring a child custody attorney can surely help you get[…]

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Aggressive Divorce Lawyers Reveal What Happens to Your Pets After Divorce

Everyone loves their pets, and aggressive divorce lawyers are all too aware some states view them as properties to be divided if a divorce happens. However, for most pet owners, they don’t really consider their pets as properties, and they are totally horrified and offended to consider them as such.[…]

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Child or parental relocation or your child custody – hiring a lawyer is important

A child custody attorney looks into the matters related to the custody of the child. It is necessary that you hire an attorney when dealing with such cases. A nonprofessional or a common person may not be able to understand the facts that are usually related to the relocation of[…]

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Tips for Choosing Child Custody Attorneys

Married Couples with children who are filing a divorce case, not only need to hire an experienced divorce lawyer, but also consult with a good child custody attorney to protect the right of a child. So try to choose a knowledgeable child custody lawyer who is well experienced in dealing[…]

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Responsibilities of a child attorney

A child custody attorney is appointed whenever a minor is abused, adoption, termination of parental rights, juvenile proceedings, contested child custody proceeding and visitation rights. The responsibilities of a child advocate attorney include: Meet with the child to establish a relationship with him/ her. Use simple language while asking questions[…]