Are There Any Alternatives To Divorce

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Yes, there are alternatives to divorce. Let’s know them one by one.

  1. Living Like Roommates

Generally, the legal charges of court and divorce lawyers are much costlier and not everyone is able to pay those amounts easily for the sake of breaking a marriage. But not to worry as there are some other alternatives too which can lead you towards a peaceful life but you just need to make some agreements with your spouse before opting for this. It is when you live like a roommate with your spouse without having any physical or emotional relationship. It will save you lots of money in terms of divorce expenses, cost of running two separate homes and avoiding the situation when one of the partner might lose health insurance coverage.

  1. Experimental Separation

It is when you feel things are really not working out between you both and you want to experiment the separation before taking real divorce from each other. It is somewhat beneficial for child custody attorney as well since you both can sense the consequences your children will face in case actual divorce happens. This will also make you realize if you can take things further considering your bank accounts, ability to add or withdraw money, spend on children’s expenses, using credit cards and so on. You can re-evaluate your relationship after like six to eight months and see if you still want divorce or no.

  1. Legal Separation

It is a kind of divorce where you both are legally separated without actually being divorced. It is more of a formal procedure of experimental separation where you two live separately without any liabilities over each other but not signing any divorce paper either as well. You might need a help of divorce lawyer here to define the time limit of this legal separation as in some states, it can maximum go to one year while other state can drag it even longer.

It works well for the couple who does not want formal divorce to happen due to certain reasons but are totally fed up of living together. But in this scenario, you have to work out the child custody attorney option as one will be allowed to keep them during this period. This way also you can realize how this is going to affect your children or how they are going to react when you both officially gets divorced. No matter what, you both always have to remember that your children should be kept least affected in all this as they have to suffer a lot more than you both are suffering at the moment.

  1. Mediation

Well this is considered to be one of the best workable option when you and your spouse are not sure about having divorce as of yet. In this process, there is a neutral mediator involved who listens to both parties and comes to an agreement on all aspects of a divorce including property division, financial support and child custodies. A mediator maybe or maybe not a divorce lawyer but he/she should have sound knowledge of divorce and family laws. And of course, this mediator should must be a neutral favoring neither of the spouse so that final agreement should be in interest of both the partners.

This option is perfect in both consequent results, for instance, if you both decide to end this marriage then there will be no fight in court and the proceedings will be very smooth. Or if you both decide to work out the things being with each other, then it is the best thing in itself to happen for your happy family and your kids of course.

  1. Communicate and Make Personal Agreements

Lastly, the best option to a divorce alternative is communicating and making personal agreements with your spouse when you don’t want anyone else to involve in your relationship. Communication a best key to resolve matters if done properly and ethically so why going to court if things can settle at home. Make some mutual agreements with your spouse and document them to avoid the differences between you both. There will be no need of child custody attorney FairfaxVA and financial burdens in this case where you both try to understand each other’s situation. Also. your children need both parents in their lives for a healthy life in upcoming years so why not communicate to work out things.

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