The best rugs for winter season

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So, winter is going to approach again within two to three months. But are you ready for it? In case you are looking for an area rug, you may want to buy something that is suitable for the winter season also. So before going to shops that have rugs on sale, consider all your options and decide wisely.

Area rugs are a major investment for most people. They are not cheap, and hence it is important that you take enough time in making a choice.

However, there are many types of rugs available in the market. Hence, choosing one can be quite challenging, especially for those who are buying rugs for the very first time. So, make sure that you are putting enough effort in some rug research beforehand.

In this article, we aim to help you out with the same thing!

Most suitable Area Rugs for winter

In winter, you want your house to be as warm as possible. If you have pets and kids in home, then they would also surely appreciate a rug that is thick and soft so that it can cushion them from the cold flood.

What is an Area Rug?

Before we look at different options for winter area rugs, let us look at what area rugs are after all. An area rug is a small piece of carpet that is designed to cover some part of the room’s floor. Mostly, people use area rugs in their bedroom or living room.

The biggest benefit of area rugs is that they are very easy to clean, especially if you compare them with carpet. Overall, carpeting can become a mess, but area rugs are convenient and easy to clean.

The Demands of Winter

So, when you are choosing an area rug for winter, you not only have to check the quality and thickness of the rug but also the color. Mostly, interior designers suggest you use shades of brown, white, or grey during winter. This creates a feeling of warmth in the room.

In the summer, the choice of area rug does not really matter so much. You may do just fine with a plane cotton rug or a seagrass rug. However, in winters you require dense rugs such as those made from pure wool.

Similarly, Persian antique rugs can be a great choice because they tend to be thicker. And hence, warmer. However, antique Persian rugs are hard to find and they are very expensive. The prime reason is that they are hand woven with a lot of detail and very dense.

In fact, many people pass down their Persian carpets from generations to generations because of their high worth.

Once winter goes away and summer arrives, you can again replace the rug with a cotton one. Since area rugs can easily be change and replaced, you certainly do not have to do a lot of effort there. This is perhaps the biggest advantage of area rugs.

Just remember one precaution, never buy any area rug without doing research about the material. After all, all types of area rugs have their pros and cons. So, you must understand both enough.


Now is perhaps the best time to buy winter rugs if you are planning that. This is because as soon as winter arrives, the prices of wool rugs may increase due to the higher demand. Ultimately, you will not regret investing in a winter area rug.

Just choose the best rug stores Northern VA rather than going to a randomly picked store. Essentially, the store that you have chosen should have a good reputation and high sales.

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