Tips for New Denture Wearers

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When it comes to your day to day life, there are few joys as common as sharing a great meal paired with good conversation?

However, some individuals have a reason to worry that two of their favorite diversions (food and conversation) could be at risk. Those individuals are contemplating a new life with dentures. But fortunately, living with dentures doesn’t have to mean giving up great food and conversation. In fact, finding a great dentist for affordable dentures can actually  be the first step in enjoying the foods you love even more, and side effects having to do with your voice are easily manageable.

Looking for tips on how to adjust to life with dentures? Read on!

Small bites win: Try to remember to cut your food into small bites, to encourage you to chew manageably sized portions.

Slow and steady: By eating slowly and methodically and being careful to position even amounts of food on each side of your mouth, it will be much easier to balance your chewing forces and maintain denture stability. By taking your time, you will develop the necessary experience to eat confidently with dentures.

Plenty of fluids: be sure to drink plenty of fluids with your meals, this can help wash down stubborn bits of food while also softening food that may be hard to chew.

Avoid Sticky Foods: Early on, hard or sticky foods may be hard to handle. It is often helpful with more challenging foods to chew from the side instead of using your front dentures.

Stability is key: once your gums heal and become stronger, try eating foods that need to be bitten, like corn on the cob and bread. To make it easier, press the food against your back teeth in your upper denture to help stabilize your bite and make eating easier.

Sore spots are normal, and they will go away: sore spots are a result of your gum tissue healing and adapting to your new “teeth”. This can take some time, and sore spots are often a common side effect during your adjustment period.

Wear them!: many denture wearers will find that they notice a small change to their facial appearance with dentures,  in order to minimize this and maintain your facial structure, it is important to wear your dentures frequently to keep your gums accustomed to your “teeth”. Too long spent without your dentures will lead to your gums adapting to the absence rather than to your dentures, which can impact denture fit in the future.

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