Watch out how the Republican Party performs in the polls

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The 2016 republican primary election polls have begun on 8th September, 2015 and on the very first day it has shown some stunning results. The polls reflect people’s choices about the choice of leaders. From time to time, they have proved to be surprising as well as witty.

The campaigners take various measures before the polls in order to win them by a large margin. Various propaganda and methods of publicity are adopted by the leaders who compete at the platforms in order to make a mark on the big stage. The 58th polling season is expected to bring many twists, and the expectations of the people are subjected to the influence of a number of factors. This includes the rise of other parties, their trust, the support of the people and different rising candidates. Over the years, the people have shown enough trust on the politicians and this year too, the poll results may turn out to be somewhat surprising.

The element of surprise of 2016 elections

On the very first day, the people have witnessed the element of surprise in the polls. The rise of the Republican Party to the top may bring a major change in the political framework of the nation and it remains to be seen whether that really happens. As far as the poll results on the first day are concerned, Donald Trump is the leading person. He is not only leading his Republican party but also other parties. A report on the first day will prove really surprising.

  • Hilary Clinton is still trailing by a margin of 45%, although she was expected to turn out victorious at the polls.
  • Apart from that, he is also leading Bernie Sanders, the leader from Vermont by42% and Joe Biden by 42%.

The possible reason

However, each element of surprise does not happen on its own. Changes do not fall from the sky, after all. Accordingly, the most probable reason for the rise of the republican leader may be the support from the minorities. At the end of the day, it does not matter who voted for the leader. The victory comes to the limelight. But the support from the people is crucial. The minorities include the Africans who have made the USA their homes. Thus, a major change may be coming and who knows, you may see new faces in the leadership. For the time being, it is better to wait and watch out for the fate of the republican primary polls.

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