What is insomnia that people talk about

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A sleeping disorder commonly known as insomnia is changing the sleeping habits of the youth of the recent times. It is a sleep disorder where people face trouble in having a good sleep at night. The difficulty arises when a person does not get the optimum amount of sleep in a day. Trouble in falling asleep and staying asleep is a great difficulty for people who have insomnia. This leads to lack of proper rest for the body and the mind. People with insomnia don’t feel refreshed when they wake up in the morning. As a result of insomnia, a person’s quality of sleep is degraded.

What leads to insomnia?

Insomnia is caused due to several reasons. It can be due to the biological or psychological disorder of the person. Lack of adequate sleeping hours can be induced due to medicinal or substances abuse. Our brain functions in two different ways. There is a sleep cycle and wake cycle. When a person is facing the problem of insomnia, the brain is unable to stop the functions associated with the wake cycle. Specialised sleep doctor advises the patients with insomnia to listen to music or read a book while lying down on the bed at night. The effects of insomnia are perfectly reflected from the person’s outlook and overview.

A proper understanding of the factors that lead to insomnia is needed

  • Intake of large medicines provides discomfort to the brain and the body
  • Problems associated with gastro intestine
  • Allergies of the nasal duct
  • Asthma, a big cause of insomnia
  • Parkinson’s disease also leads to lack of proper sleep
  • Disorder of the thyroid gland also causes insomnia

Certain other factors that lead to insomnia are due to the intake of medicines for high blood pressure, depression, cough and cold. The consumption of medicines in large quantities affects the normal sleep structure of a person.

Prevention and cures for insomnia

Doctors believe insomnia can be treated with delicacy and care. The cause insomnia is several. So it requires effort on the part of the doctor to sort out the reasons that cause insomnia. For psychological problems, the insomnia patients are advised to pay a visit to the psychiatrist and as well as asked to take the help of the sleep center to ease away the problem. The introduction of the centers for sleeping is a new initiative by the doctors treating patients with sleeping disorders. The sound ambiance and the environment help the patient to concentrate their mind in sleeping.


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