Why buy turkish Silk Rugs?

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Turkish is the most popular for its beautiful handwoven silk rugs. They are generally woven in Hereke and Kayestri. Here is a city in northwestern Turkey which has a status of making superior standard ones. In 1843, the Ottoman Emperor Sultan Abdulmecid made the Hereke Imperial Factory whose job was to produce carpets, rugs, curtains and upholstery for the Ottoman Court. He also declared that the largest palaces in the globe should display them. In the late 20th century, they were gifted to presidential and royal families all over the globe. Now, they decorate the most luxurious palaces and homes of the famous and rich persons.

Turkish pure silk

The Turks use hundred percent pure silk from cocoons farmed in Bursa. Silk can be twisted extremely perfect, is resistant and has a top tensile force. The cocoons are heated in water and the threads are extracted from them. When the cocoons are unrolled, the threads from one cocoon can stretch up to 25,000 meters. The best strand comes from the initial part of the thread.

A singe rug is generally handmade over several months, sometimes even years. It is very dense, with over 300 knots per inch that are twin-knotted by hand. It is twin knotted using the Turkish knot, which unlike the one knot, cannot be removed or undone.

The Turks use natural dyes such as roots, flowers, and insects as well as artificial chemical dyes. Natural dyes grip color better than artificial dyes, which generally fade easily. Turkish tribal rugs come in a range of colors such as ivory, cinnamon, and dark blue as well as green, red and yellow. They come in over two hundred different floral and curvy designs such as the tree of life, birds, tulips, the flower of fields, watermelons, polo net and flowers of the 7 mountains. They usually become brighter as the years go by. They are made from natural stuff so they remain in best condition for a long time.

Silk rugs

Silken rugs are more costly and more sought after than other types. They are also more delicate than the woolen ones and need unique care. Their designs can be more complex since threads are thinner and more hard patterns can be constructed. They are also shinier than wood and replace color with the light. They should not be showed when they could be simply damaged. After a few years, the strands wear down and make an embossed effect. Frequent rug cleaning is needed to remove dust and stop moth damage. You should call expert persian carpet online cleaning services at least once a year to clean them fully and treat spots and stains.

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