7 Questions To Ask When Considering Keratin Treatment

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There are some really basic questions that you must ask from hair straightening salons before opting for keratin treatment. It is because some precautions are much needed afterwards to last your treatment longer without damaging your hair. Let’s have a quick look at some of the basic yet important questions,

What is Keratin and how does it work?

Generally what people do is that they go for the treatment without any proper knowledge of it. It is not a good thing as it is your hair so you must know what you are going to do with your hair. Keratin is basically a natural fibrous protein available in your hair to hold its structure and prevent any damage of hair. Keratin treatment is actually the application of keratin on your hair and locking it with the help of straightening process.

How much does Keratin treatment cost?

Okay now here generally hair straightening salons does not play fairly and you are only told the price of treatment which is not the case. The maintenance of this treatment is going to cost you way more than your imagination. You cannot use your old commercial shampoos or conditioners and instead you need to buy their specially designated hair products. In other case your beloved Brazilian blowout is not going to last longer and will be blown away quickly. Trust me I have been the victim of this thing already so I can feel the pain, urgh!

Is it free from form aldehyde?

Since form aldehyde is the major source of carcinogen which was largely used in keratin products previously when it was on boom in social industry must be confirmed for its availability now. Although many brands have removed form aldehyde from their products while some are still using it and you must ask this question for the sake of your own health. You should know either it is present or no and if it is then in how much quantity it has been used.

How long is your treatment going to last?

Though Brazilian blowout is known to last way longer than the normal one but still you should be given proper clarity of how long it can last. Normally it lasts for 5 to 6 months and then you can also give mild touching to refresh your treatment again. Obviously, the hair treatments are always costly and when you are paying this much amount for any treatment then it is your right to know how long will it stay.

What precautions you need to take once the treatment is done?

Well, first three days after the keratin treatment are always critical and you need to be extra careful with your hair. For instance; you cannot wash or even slightly wet your hair, you cannot tie any band or clips on your hair, you cannot put hair behind your ears, you cannot brush and you just need to keep them down straight to avoid any kind of dent in your hair. And even after three days, you should not wash your hair very frequently or rub them using towels. And there are many others as well so must ask this question from your hair straightening salons.

How long will this treatment take?

This question is especially important if you are having such treatment for the first time like me who had no idea how long it will take. Normally it takes around 90 minutes to 110 minutes while it may take longer if you have longer hair length with greater volume.

What if your hairs are already colored?

Okay so these questions are very important if you used to color your hair frequently or planning to do so around having your keratin treatment. Firstly, it is recommended not to color your hair after having Brazilian blowout Potomac md and if you really want to do so then do it just before getting your treatment. Because keratin treatment following hair dyeing will give you a very pretty look while if you do it afterwards then it may badly damage your hair while coloring will also not be done properly as well.

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