How to get the best effects of Brazilian blowout?

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Previously hair straightening was a hazardous task but now it has been solved by the Brazilian blowout. You can now get straight hair with the help of this blowout process and this hair can be easily maintained at least till three months. The blow-out procedure is nothing but a great combination of keratin shampoo, Straightening machine and dryer. Shiny and non-frizzy hair can be gained within few minutes at home and it has been possible with this kind of blowout. Smooth, manageable and voluminous hair is no more a dream rather it can be gained quite easily.

DIY Brazilian blow-out at home

If you think that Brazilian blowout can be only gained in hair salons, then you are wrong as you can now get the availability of the same at home only. This will not only save your time and energy but your money will also be saved.

  • Professional blowout-shampoo is being used for smoothing the hair. You must wrap your hair with wet towel for some time and then the towel must be removed in a gentle manner so that wet and delicate hair strands can be easily managed.
  • Wet hair must be sectioned into few divisions so that protein later can be spread evenly which is highly necessary for flattening and smoothing hair cuticles. You can definitely use any comb in this regard so that the hair strands can be managed properly.
  • After drying up the hair with towel, you got to use the straitening machine so that the hair can be effectively smoothened. Smoothening serum can also be used in this regard in order to make the hair shining and smoother in texture.
  • After that, flat brushes are to be used so that hairs can be brushed properly.

How to make the blow-out job more effective?

If you want to get effective and more improved blow-out job, then nothing can be the best option other than following few essential tips.

  • Only branded straightening shampoos need to be used in this regard otherwise you will not be able to get effective results.
  • You must use flat ironing machine so that you can get improved straightening effects. On the other hand, these machines can be easily handled at the time of straightening wet hairs.
  • The heat needs to be controlled during blow-out otherwise that can cause disastrous effects and you can check out the settings in this regard. Or you can simply visit the local hair straightening salon.

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