All one needs to know about the surgery for torn rotor cuff

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Movement of shoulder is obtained with the help of two groups of muscles. Top layer of these muscles are known as deltoid muscle. The strong muscle under the deltoid muscle surrounds the shoulder joint and forms the rotor cuff. Shoulder blade and the upper arm bone are connected together with these muscles. As a person ages, the rotor cuff muscle degenerates. In some cases, aged people experience calcium deposits or arthritic bone spurs which cause severe pain in the shoulder area. The problems related to shoulder muscles often lead to shoulder surgery or shoulder replacement.

About the surgery for torn rotor cuff

Often shoulder fractures are treated effectively by medication and physical therapy. But if the injury has resulted in large tear, surgery will be needed to control the symptoms and cure the condition. Rotor cuff surgery can be carried out as minimally invasive surgery using only two or three small incisions

Depending on your situation, shoulder surgery which can result in the repair of torn rotor cuff. This unique surgery can be done using a minimally invasive arthroscopic technique where small incisions are made on the affected area, rather than traditional open procedure using a larger incision.  Recovery time for this procedure may vary from six months to one year.

In the conventional shoulder fractures a long cut is needed to carry out the rotor cuff surgery. But in the arthroscopic procedure only three or four small incision are required. Surgeon inserts a tiny camera with a light through one of these incisions and through other incision the micro instruments needed for carrying out the surgery are inserted. The camera and the microscopic tools are guided by the surgeon viewing them in the monitor placed near him. After they reaches the surgical spot, the surgeon carries out the surgery, remotely controlling the tools seeing the actions in an enlarged form in the monitor near him.

Shoulder replacement surgery

The surgery is relatively easier compared to the recovery process. It takes at least six weeks and in rare cases, it may extend to one year. In the case of small tears complete recovery is possible and the patient will be able to lead a life similar to the life before the surgery. But if the tear is large, it takes more time for recovery, and the recovery may not be complete also.

When the damage is related to the bones in the shoulder, then doctors go for shoulder replacement procedures done by Orthopedic Doctor Woodbridge, VA in which the damaged shoulder bones are replaced by prosthesis made of medical grade metal.

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