How Do You Redesign A Big Bathroom?

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Bathroom designing and redesigning is a fun process, but it can be pretty stressful as well if you don’t know where to start. Here are some bathroom remodeling and redesigning tips for a larger bathroom.

Redesigning A Bathroom – What To Do?

Here are some basic things to consider when you’re redesigning a bathroom.

Plan, Plan, And Plan

It doesn’t matter whether you have a big or small bathroom. What matters is that you design something you will love and that it will be a style statement for years to come. It’s always a good idea to have a rough plan of how you want the bathroom to look.

With a bigger bathroom, there is even more planning to do because you want the space to be functional while keeping a lot of room for walking and other activities. You also want to think about the placement of things and where certain things will go and look and function the best.

Have A Budget In Mind

You’re probably sick and tired of hearing this over and over, but it’s an important thing and this is going to give you a good idea of how much you actually need to spend on bathroom redesigning. You need to think about the budget for the redesigning process. It’s a very good habit of keeping track of what you’re spending and what things your bathroom actually needs.

The last thing you want to do is overspend on things that don’t even serve a purpose in your bathroom. This is why, along with planning, budgeting is crucial.

Do You Have An Idea In Mind?

Do you have a vision for your bathroom? Most people have a really good idea of what they want their bathroom to look like, and if you have the space for it, then why not let your creativity run free?

Keep in mind that having an idea for what the bathroom will look like, is different from inspiration photos. If you have an idea, then it means that you like what you’re going for and you don’t want any more changes in the overall layout of the bathroom.

Find Big Bathroom Inspiration

So, you want to redesign a bathroom and it’s big, but you have no idea as to what should be the first step. Well, the best place to start is to scope out some inspiration on the internet. There are many pictures and layouts that you will fall in love with. This will give you a lot of ideas and you can build your own dream bathroom from there.

Finding inspiration is a great way to kickstart your imagination and you can take those ideas and make your own bathroom design that is best suited for you. Finding inspiration will also get you out of a redesigning rut and you can actually get to work, once you have a clear idea in your mind.

Think About Smart Storage Options

One of the best things about a bigger bathroom is that there is a lot of storage in it. What you can do when redesigning the bathroom, is make use of this storage space and make even smarter and functional units in it. Let’s be real; there can never be enough storage in the bathroom, so why not take advantage of the space you have?

Design the bathroom in a way that has more storage, cupboards, hidden places to store your towels and other products, and even mirror cabinets, so that the space can look even bigger and more spacious than before.

You can also look for storage inspiration online and find some great ideas which could be pretty useful around the bathroom. Make a design plan that will make you fall in love with your new and improved bathroom all over again. Get some ideas from bathroom remodelers.

Ensure Proper Installation

When redesigning a bathroom, you want to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Not only this, but you also want to make sure that the major things, like the bathroom sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower cubicle are installed in the proper way. These things are going to be used the most in the bathroom, so you want to make sure that their installation is seamless and there isn’t any problem with it.

You also want to make sure that the placement of these things is exactly how you want them to be because removing them after installation can be a huge pain in the neck.

Design Ideas For A Big Bathroom

Here are some bathroom design ideas that will look great in a bigger space.

Go For Double Sinks

If the bathroom is big and there are more people using it, then why not go for double sinks? They look very chic and modern and the right design will elevate your entire space. They are also pretty easy to function and you don’t need to cramp over a single sink.

Having double sinks also gives you a lot of sink counter space, where you can put your daily use products in a clutter-free way. You can also have a large mirror installed on top, which spans over the perimeter of the two sinks, for better functionality.

Smart Additions

Having a big bathroom gives you a lot of options to play around with. You can incorporate technology in your bathroom to make your life easier. One of the trendiest things in bathrooms is towel heaters.

They don’t take up a lot of space and you can have hot and fresh towels ready to go. If you have more space in your bathroom, then a small sauna is a great option too, because it’s not only good for your body, but it’s a very unique addition to the bathroom and it also adds a lot of value to your house.

Keep It Minimal & Less Cluttered

If you have a big bathroom, you want to make sure that you’re not overcrowding it with things that you won’t be needing. You still want to keep the place clean, neat, and minimal. You want to keep the majority of the space free from clutter so that you can move around in the bathroom without bumping into things.

You also want to go for a style of bathroom that looks minimal and chic, because it will add to the beauty of the entire space. A spacious and minimal bathroom will look trendy, classic and will never go out of style.

Quality Should Be Priority

Last but not least, when redesigning a bathroom, you want to make sure that you are not going for materials that are too cheap, because the look will be entirely ruined. You want to go for good quality materials because they will not only last longer, but they will also add great style to your bathroom.

You might be scared of spending a lot of money on very expensive materials, but they will pay you back, in terms of longevity and low maintenance.


These tips are going to help you out a lot, in both redesigning and remodeling your humongous bathroom. Involve bathroom remodel contractors in the process for a smooth process and a better result. abbruz

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