How to compare solar power and hydro energy?

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Though comparison of solar power vs. hydropower is made but you must remember both are categorized under renewable energy. The sources of both these energies are natural and this is the reason unwanted pollution or chemical toxicity can be easily avoided. On the other hand, an eco-friendly environment can be easily maintained all the time. The comparison is generally made so that the best energy can be chosen that can fulfill your requirements and budget limit.

Comparison between solar and hydropower

  • Reliability: Since steady power flow can be gained from hydro energy therefore you can get the highest reliability. The energy supply might get interrupted especially during overcastted days and night-time. This is the reason that most of the large-scale projects requiring energy rely on hydro energy so that uninterrupted flow can be maintained.
  • Alternative uses: hydro energy is quite versatile in nature as a result of which it can be utilized for serving multiple purposes. Since water is the source of this energy therefore this particular resource can be utilized for other purposes as well like swimming, drinking, cooking, washing, fishing, boating and others. Thus, both daily and recreational needs can be effectively fulfilled by means of water. This is the reason that hydro energy is being preferred by all.
  • Flexibility and mobility: in terms of mobility and flexibility, hydro energy is quite weaker in comparison to solar energy. The source cannot be moved from one place to another like that of the solar panels. Thus, you cannot expect greater flexibility from hydro energy.
  • Environmental and financial cost: Though hydro energy is comparatively cheaper than solar energy but it creates greater environmental impacts. These impacts might affect the water animals like fishes, water plants and others. While in case of solar energy, you will always get limited amount of environmental impacts.

Which is the better one for you?

If you make a thorough and intricate analysis of both hydro and solar energy, then you will find that In spite of multiple benefits of hydro energy, it cannot be taken as the ideal option as several limitations are found. For larger commercial or corporate projects, it might works good but for residential or domestic purpose, solar energy is the best option. Therefore, you got to fix up your purpose and requirement first on the basis of which you got to make the selection of the right one.

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