Is there a difference in smoothening and styling?

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Smoother, straighter hair is a trend that is gaining popularity. Contrary to wavy or curly hair, straight hair is simpler to manage. While having curly hair is unquestionably beautiful, many ladies do not even have the time to manage it. This is the reason why smoothing treatments and hair straightening salons are becoming so well-liked. So you can easily find a keratin treatment salon.

But many women who desire to get rid of curl and frizz are unaware of the distinction between hair smoothing and hair straightening. The differences between these two, as well as their negative effects, will be covered in this article.

What is smoothing hair?

A procedure called “hair smoothing” uses chemicals to make your hair more manageable. Given that it temporarily straightens your hair, some people also classify it as a hair straightening treatment. The procedure is less harmful and lasts shorter because it is not as harsh as hair straightening treatments.

What is straightening of hair?

Hair straightening is, to put it simply, the procedure of straightening your hair. Permanent and temporary hair straightening procedures are both available. Using hair straightening appliances like flat iron, you may temporarily straighten your hair.

This straightens your hair, but as soon as you wash them, they return to their original state. On the other hand, permanent hair straightening involves dismantling your hair’s structure and straightening it with the aid of certain chemicals. This treatment is long-lasting and does not wash off with the first wash.

Hair smoothing side effects

Wavy and frizzy hair responds well to hair smoothing treatments. This is due to the fact that realigning the hair structure does not need much effort. On hair that is very thick and curly, it could not even work. Its effects frequently continue for two to five months.

As with every hair treatment, hair smoothing has certain negative consequences. Formaldehyde releasers are used in hair smoothing treatments. Formaldehyde is a poisonous toxin that harms the neurological system and produces rashes, vomiting, nausea, chest discomfort, and eye and respiratory tract irritation. It causes cancer as well. Asthma risk is also increased by it. Additionally, if done excessively, this procedure might harm your hair because it uses heat and chemicals.

The negative effects of straightening hair

In comparison to hair smoothing and hair coloring, hair straightening is a more powerful technique. Because of this, it is effective on all hair types, even very thick and curly hair. Depending on the kind of hair, the treatment must be done again. Typically, it would have to be done again every 8 to 12 weeks.

The same adverse effects apply to hair straightening as they do to hair smoothing. It employs chemical relaxants that, if administered to the scalp, can cause burns. If not done correctly, it may also result in hair breakage. Due to the swollen hair strands and opened cuticles, it also makes the hair weaker. Additionally, it is said that this therapy causes split ends, dandruff, graying hair, and frizzy hair in addition to hair loss and thinning.


Both therapies have advantages and disadvantages. Asking yourself these questions will help you pick which treatment to have if you’re having trouble deciding.

  • Are you seeking a long-term or short-term solution?
  • Do you prefer straight hair or to get rid of frizz?
  • Do you want a natural appearance or perfectly straight hair?

You can choose between a smoothening treatment and a Brazilian Keratin salon Potomac based on the responses to these questions. Just make sure a professional performs these procedures on you!

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