Countertop preparation before kitchen remodeling

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Once you’ve decided on a certain kitchen countertop, you should contact kitchen remodeling companies to get the countertop replaced. This will be an amazing day for you since you’ll get to see your kitchen, where you enjoy spending your leisure time eating and watching football on television, completely transformed.

How should everything be set up before installation?

What are the necessary preparations prior to the installation date, you could ask? We’ve compiled a list of essential considerations for you in this post. These consist of:

Installation date

In actuality, this is the first thing you need to consider. Contact the countertop provider you’ve chosen for this and discuss it with them. You won’t be able to prepare for anything else if you don’t have a date.

For instance, you’ll probably need to move your appliances to a different room for a day or two. Therefore, it’s crucial to set up some backups and make some room.

As a result, setting a date ahead of time and sticking to it for the start of the countertop installation phase is critical.

You must check to make sure that the days you have selected do not fall on a public holiday. No contractor would want to arrive at your home and begin the work, for instance, on Xmas Eve or Christmas Day. Additionally, confirm that the contractor you’ve chosen will be available just on the days you’ve selected.

Preceding installation

Make careful to remove the current countertop first. The majority of contractors might not provide any plumbing-related disconnecting services. The reason for this is simple—not it’s what a countertop contractor does!

Therefore, it is likely that you will need to hire a plumber in advance to disconnect the lines. Particularly, harder stones like Quartz and Marble demand more preparation than more straightforward ones like Silestone. Prepare yourself accordingly.

Remember that the steps before the installation of countertops are extremely important as well. So, it is not only the following steps that matter. If your countertop is not properly prepared before installation, you may not get the results that you are willing to achieve.

Installation day

Regardless matter how amiable your dogs are, be sure there are no pets around. In an improbable event, no contractor will assume liability for your harmed pets. Therefore, before work starts, the majority of contractors should request that you relocate their pets into a separate room.

Therefore, it is your obligation to relocate your dogs to a more secure area while the construction is taking place. Furthermore, a different installation technique may be used based on the countertop. In this situation, you will need to cover your equipment with a plastic cover.

For instance, you might need to cover the other areas of your kitchen since installing a countertop can generate dispersed particles. An installation professional will be able to help you with this. However, it is much preferable to discuss it in advance so that you can take all essential safety measures.


Giving your countertop installers a heads-up is safe to do if you have completed all required safety precautions and procedures. The installer will then bill you the predetermined sum, depending on the countertop’s material.

But keep in mind that prices might change based on the materials. Since installing granite countertops requires more effort, granite contractors in Rockville may often charge extra. The same holds true with marble and other large, comparable stones.

Countertops made of Silestone, however, are simpler to install and as a result, cost less. Be careful to discuss this with the kitchen remodeling contractor Rockville in advance.

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