How To Care For Your Hair After Brazilian Keratin Treatment

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Brazilian keratin treatment by hair stylist are not cheap but your hair are not subject to experimentation, which by the end of the day will be all dry and torn simply if you try to do the procedure yourself without any prior experience. Post keratin treatment hair require special maintenance that will keep them from damaging. Given below are some tips that will help you take better care of your hair after getting a keratin treatment done.

Use Sulfate Free Shampoo

Brazilian keratin salons use chemicals to treat your hair and give you that sleek shiny chic hair. When you use shampoos with sulfates and salts they dry out your scalp of oil and cause them to wear and tear. It is advised that you use gentle shampoos with micro keratin that will enhance the look of your treated hair making them look fresh, strong and healthy.

Use Gentle Shampoos with low pH Levels

Shampoos that have a higher pH level can damage your hair and rip your hair off the treatment. Shampoos with a higher pH are excellent for deep cleansing and is often advised before getting your treatment done. Using such shampoos after keratin treatment by hair stylist will open up your hair cuticles, which will allow the keratin to easily escape through, and thus leaving your hair with faded keratin.

Do Not Wash Your Hair Regularly

After getting your keratin treatment, don’t wash your hair frequently. Keratin treatment is certainly not permanent but washing it regularly will because it wear off far earlier than it should. It is best if you avoid getting your hair dirty and oily in the first place. Dry shampoo will work the best for your dirty hair giving you volume, and a fresh look to your hair.

Avoid Touching Your Hair Too Often

Touching your hair constantly can get moisture in your hair which will thus leave your hair oily and will make them look unclean, which you obviously don’t want since you would have to wash them to get rid of the oily appearance. Keeping your hands away from the treated hair is the best prevention to go for.

Say No to Accessories

The list of accessories you can put in your hair are endless. Pins that clip you hair are certainly not the best option. They might make your hair look cute for some time but when you take off those clips, your hair would have undergone certain degree of damage. They will dent your hair and rid you of the sleek hair you wanted to last.

Same goes for sunglasses, head bands, hats etc. that will look good as long as they are in your hair but the second you take them off, you will notice dents you cannot get rid of.

Heavy Workouts Are Not the Best Option

Workout will lead to sweat. When you start sweating from your scalp your hair will become oily. You will find yourself in dire need of washing your hair to get rid of the sweaty scalp. It is better to avoid heavy workout in the first place but if you must make sure the temperature of the room is chilly enough to keep you from sweating.

Use Light Oils

Although heavy oils like coconut oil are good for the nourishment of your hair. It is fair to say that they are quite difficult to wash off. They require a lot of shampoo and wash off. There are many light oils that are a better substitute to coconut oil and will not need a lot of shampoo that have harsh chemicals to wash off.

Stay Away From Swimming Pools

Swimming pools have chlorine. Chlorine is a chemical that will ruin your keratin treated hair. As simple as that is, this might not come as good news for few. But if you really must swim you better wait at least 3 weeks before stepping in the pool.

Let Down Your Hair

Like accessories wearing your hair in ponytails or braids will only lead to many dents and cost you another trip to Brazilian keratin salon Potomac for fixation.  Apart from wearing you hair in different styles you are not allowed to tuck you hair behind the ears either.

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