Maintaining Your Commercial Ice Cream Freezer

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Lots of people around the globe love soft serve ice cream straight out of a commercial ice cream freezer. Moreover, if you are a restaurant or in the ice cream business, odds are that you own a commercial ice cream freezer. These freezers, like any other electrical equipment, need regular maintenance and upkeep by commercial appliances repair experts in order to provide you with uninterrupted business in the long run.

But how can you maintain your commercial ice cream freezer in the long run? This is exactly what we are going to discuss in this blog. Keep on reading to find some of the best free tips on how you can maintain this machine without facing major issues in the long run.

Empty It Before Maintenance

Before you can start the maintenance procedure, you should empty your ice cream freezer fully. You can easily do this by removing any unused ice cream from the machine, and by scraping off any ice cream that is frozen in your ice cream freezer. For proper cleaning, make sure that there is enough room for water to pass through your machine. After doing this, you can pause water through the freezer a few times until it starts coming out clear.

Disassemble The Freezer

If you have enough free time, you should take apart the ice cream freezer according to the instructions of your manufacturer, and should clean all the parts separately. Ideally, you should take apart all of the different parts of your commercial ice cream freezer to clean them properly. You should specially focus on the parts which come in direct contact with your hands and ice cream.

Use Soapy Water To Clean Properly

In order to clean the freezing chamber of your commercial ice cream freezer properly, you should pour hot soapy water into it, and should scrub its walls properly. If you own a modern ice cream freezer, it might already have a wash cycle setting which you can use to properly clean the freezing chamber. However, if your freezer does not have this setting, you can use a mixture of soapy water and a brush with a long handle to properly clean the inside of your freezer. Once you are done cleaning the machine with soapy water, you should drain all the water, and should run another cycle of hot clean water to remove the traces of soap from your machine.

You can also soak All the disassembled parts into a tub full of hot soapy water for several minutes. If you want to kill any bacteria, you can also add a spoon of bleach to the mixture. After this process, wash all the parts with clean water and let them dry before assembling them back again.

Reassemble Everything

After all the parts of your commercial ice cream freezer have been cleaned properly, you can use dry towels to dry them before starting the reassembling process. Keep in mind that you should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions while reassembling the parts.

As a general rule of thumb, you should keep the condenser coils of your commercial ice cream freezer clean in order to keep it working properly in the long run. Make sure to remove any grease and oil buildup from the condenser coil by using proper tools available in the market. If you are using water or any type of liquid in the cleaning process, it is always better and safe to cover any motors and fans around the area you are cleaning. You can also easily unscrew the side panels of your commercial ice cream freezer, and should inspect the both sides for dirt buildup.

Final Word

These were some of the best tips to help you properly maintain your commercial ice cream machine in the long run. Keep in mind that if you are suffering from any issues regarding the functioning of this machine, you should immediately call an expert for help, and should avoid treating it as a DIY project. Treat the ice cream machine as an investment, as your business can come to a standstill if it is not working properly. Make sure you hire efficient ice cream freezer repair Springfield services who can offer repairs on a short notice.

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